Friday, April 20, 2007


College days, riding a bike
with a folio of Art under my arm.
Living on Vulture St drinking apple cider.
Sharing a house with Judy, Scott and Tony.
My Elephant is missing and I have many shoes.
Great black voids appear in my Artwork.
Gates to experience, metaphysical page warps
signifying something other.
Not nothing.

Drawing Inside Room #1 1980


  1. This is a very interesting drawing, I particularly like the solidity of the black shapes in contrast to the brightly coloured linework. I thought this was a painting before I read the caption. I imagine it large.

  2. It's about 700x500mm drawn in felt pen and charcoal. They were my bags and my shoes, hanging in my room in a student house on Vulture st. The house has been knocked down and replaced with a block of flats.
    Maybe it was swallowed by the void.
    I like the fluffy shoes of soot.
    Thanks for the comment L.M.


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