Saturday, April 21, 2007


Rotating in 360 degrees,
on a trip to Caloundra.
Mr Blonde looking at the space
between his hands.
Chasing the wind, this too is vanity.
Red is to green, as blue is to orange, as purple is to yellow.
Lost in Space.

Mr Blonde Visits Caloundra 2003


  1. This is kinda interesting... mr android visits caloundra. is it digital or a series of prints...trad I mean. Are they idividual images?

  2. It's acrylic on a single panel.
    But your right,it is digital,painted and printed.
    Photo's of Caloundra were scanned then manipulated with photo impact. Mr Blonde was created in Poser figure creator program, then added to each landscape.The images were printed on A3 paper in reverse and transferred by rubbing with turps straight onto the panel. Each section was then hand painted. The bottom panels colours are derived from mixing the complimentary mono tone panels directly above. Oh, well it was a challenge. The idea was to combine new and old technolgies, while commenting on the loss of identity experienced by the rapid growth of technology.

  3. being digital does'nt make it any less of an artwork. I haven't tried the particular technique you describe, but it sounds interesting.


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