Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This is sort of the view looking down from Mary Cairncross
near Maleny. This was scribbled about two years
after moving to the Glasshouse Mountains area. When you
first move to the area, the mountains are the first things
you draw and paint. After a while you get use to them and
just use them as backdrops for other ideas. Occasionally you
come back to your first loves and paint them more fully.
But more often you feel their presence and influence as
you work different ideas and subjects.
They never really disappear, they always pop up in some
drawing or painting. This is not a belief that they have
some mystic quality, but just an acknowledgment of
their constant presence in our landscape.
They just sort stick up out of the ground and get in
ya face where ever you go.

From Cairncross 1991


  1. I've seen too many pictures of the Glasshouse. That said, I really like your interpretation. The mountains have a soft lollopy quality and the pink/orange sky adds to this softer aspect.

  2. Yes, I know what you mean. The coast's galleries are full of it. They all seem to have the same atmosphere, which becomes somewhat depressing when you had hoped to see new inspiring art and get let down again. If your going to paint them, then you need to do something with them. Mr. Daws is a prime example of an artist using the mountains as some sort of touchstone, and creating an artwork of depth and interest.


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