Sunday, May 20, 2007


Posting this from Melbourne on an Apple computer
and having a few issues, finding the tools and directories
that I need. I am down in Brunswick near Lygon St. visiting
two of my brothers. I just went outside and snapped a few
photo's of the house, It is a bit colder than Queensland
and you can see the effects of Autumn more clearly.
So I hope my brother doesn't mind that I shared his house
potentially with half the planet.
My brother and his wife have spent numerous years
renovating the house and living the Lygon St. cafe scene.
Yesterday afternoon we did a Melbourne gallery crawl,
visiting federation square, the NGV and the Contemporary
Gallery. We stopped in at the Memorial shrine and botanical
gardens as well. Tommorrow I am off to Malden near Castlemaine
to visit my other brother and his partner . He built his own house
using the rammed earth technique - I hope it doesn't rain,
although they need it. Well I might go back to the city now
and get killed by a Tram.

Inside looking out.

Melbourne, Victoria 2007

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  1. I'll expect you to be inspired and all fired up from your trip to the big smoke. I have'nt been to Melbourne since the 80's but...I started school in St Kilda, and years later finished school there at Presentation Ladies Convent, Windsor. In fact the very first piece of art I can recall ever moving me was at the then new national gallery...a hockney called i think "the bridegroom", every day after school I used to visit on my way home to Middle Park.


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