Tuesday, May 22, 2007


This photo is my other brothers music and video studio.
He is a musican and digital artist, primarily focused on
live and experimental sounds.
Last night he showed me the assorted variety of
programs he creates music and video with.
Later he played fender guitar while I tweaked the knobs
on his trigger console. Sort of art on the fly stuff.
He also demonstated some VJ software combining
video images from a China stay and synthesizer/midi/sampled
loops and sounds, sort of fun to play with very good sound.

The above image is by his partner Elizabeth, she is a Painter.
Most of her work is abstracted but with subtle, stylised
human or flower/leaf/plant designs.
The work is quite gentle and calming with an underlying
expression of Elizabeth's thinking and personality.
There is also a strong Ian Fairweather influence,
in much of what she does.
The most recent works reflect certain asian influences,
due to a recent year long stay in China.

Above is Elizabeths studio.
On the way to Maldon I stopped at the
Convent gallery at Daylseford. It is an old multi-leveled building
converted into museum and art gallery.
Anyway, I will be back in Queensland in a few days.

Maldon 2007

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