Monday, May 7, 2007


- Public Notice -
I'm a wild man you see,
in the bushes,
in the bushes, in the night,
I see the red man.
"Get real", say it again,
"Get real".
Let it all out,
unrestrained, untrained,
novice, hovice, bovice.
It's all happening down
at the Twin Town
of my obsession.
Take me in your car,
take men on a walk.
I play the shadow man,
I play the he man,
I am the play man.
Just a one act man,
I'm the wild man,
going downtown
Twin Town.

Twin Town 2002


  1. From the little I know of your work this seems formal, in control. I like it, but is it really you?

  2. I just do whatever, I just sort of don't believe in a style. As a man thinks so he is. This is not unatural to me it's just another side of me. I believe my self will become plain to see over time, through collective works. Also I like to push in different directions to break any ruts I might be in. Eventually new ideas come, and are absorbed and blended into future works. It's more about ideas than the way I create them. The style/technique for me will take care of it's self.


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