Wednesday, May 9, 2007


This is a painting called 'Acid Nude' by Roger Paine.

Roger and I both attended Qld college of art in the early eighties.
A handful, of other past art students I knew,
from QCA, still produce art as well.
We have had various jobs and different life courses, but have all
managed to keep creating art throughout our lives.
Well, it struck me that we could have a joint exhibition
under the title and idea of 'Where are we now'.
It seems corny, but it would really be a demonstration
of our joy of and commitment to art.
Roger emailed this image in response to my exhibition suggestion.
It is a good painting, but is surprising, because when I last saw
Rogers work, he was drawing precise images of cardboard boxes,
in a similar vein to Giorgio Morandi.
Anyway, I may have to encourage and chase up the others,
it could prove interesting.

The Devils marbles the infernal pit,
an acrobat rolls on regardless.
The nonchalant pilgrim,
mires deeper in the abyss,
vainly grasping the wind.
All is vanity, yet,
there is hope.

White Lies Last Dream 1998

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