Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Painted at High School in grade 11.
Painted on striped material I found at an army disposals.
Hung in the Gold Coast Art Prize.
Was on T.V. news advertising the art prize.
Some Gold Coast T.V. personality wanted to buy it,
but declined due to poor frame construction.
I had broken, not cut another masonite painting
as frame corner bracing.
Scott Redford told me it was my first mature painting.
Completely painted by me except for a single blue spot.
The spot was made by a rampant neighbors toddler.
Their dog lifted it's leg on it as well.
The painting reflects a high school art trip made to Sydney by train.
We stayed at the Canberra Oriental motel on Kings Cross.
I met my wife on the same art trip
This is me in 1978 in Sydney.

The painting is now frame less and folded up in storage,
with an iron on clothes patch on the back to repair a hole.
So much for the life of a painting.

Canberra Oriental 1978

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