Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Painting in the Studio.
This is a snapshot from a five minute video
that I am producing for an exhibition.
Here is another shot.

In these shots I am reworking an older painting.
A task I never normally do. But I altered the image on the computer
one day and prefer the altered version.
I'm painting the whole thing in a blue glaze.
Then slowly reworking flashes of red and white as highlights.
The painting references Van Eyk , Gauguin,
Lawrence Daws, and the Old Testament.
A bit ambitious but maybe I can fix it.
Never say die.

Photoman, the ever present stranger at your door.
910x1220mm size me up, size me down.
Different times and different lights.
The game has taken a serious turn as
the kitten stares into the flame.

Rear Window 1997


  1. The painting you're reworking looks very interesting. It's good to see you working.

  2. Thanks Lorretta. The problem is it looks too contrived, and not so spontaneous. The subject matter maybe
    aiming a bit too high, and so I might
    look a bit out of my depth. If I can fudge around the edges, I might be able to fool a few people. But of course I am kidding. This is serious business!

  3. I guess the first step is to take yourself seriously and then everyone else will. E has a philosophy that he has always lived by (handed down by his parents)"Aim high, that way if you fall short of the mark it's still a good place".
    There's only 1 R in Loretta.
    just one of the many reasons I go by L.M. the new colour scheme and arrangment of the it browny gree or greenish brown?


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