Sunday, May 13, 2007


Brushes, paint, water, pencil, charcoal, rags
and a circle of perspex to mix paint on.
I never use a palette of multiple colours,
I mix one colour at a time then apply it.
I use to keep track of colour proportions,
but now I just guess.
Sometimes a painting starts with one colour
scheme and ends with another.
Any left over paint is not wasted but transported
immediately to any number of drawings.
I find this forces me to finish art works
and also discover new ideas.
Sort of doing things in a half random,
half thought out way.
Eventually as an art work gets more complex I work
at it more carefully, trying not to destroy
any of the original zing.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose,
but I always try to finish and move on.

This is another still from a video, I am using
up blue glaze, on this chunky nude,
left over from another bigger piece.
I have been experimenting with
coloured backgrounds, while keeping the figure in black
and white using charcoal/pencil. Would like to take this idea
to a much larger format.
This image below has a mouse drawn figure printed on
A4 paper then stuck into an Australian landscape.
The Black and white spot sections are meant to be
old dimple glass windows like many older
Australian houses use to have.

London, Paris, New York, Brisbane,
one of these is not like the other.
A few years back I was in Orlando, Florida, USA.
Downtown I ran into some inner city artists,
they had decked out an old discarded building.
They had divided each floor into a series of mini studios,
it was a collective artist warren.
When the artist wasn't home they shut the door to
their individual studio.
The doors had glass panes so you could view
their space and works while they were out.
I struck up a conversation with a few of them and
quizzed them about their art scene as
compared to New Yorks.
They responded in a rather critical and jealous way, suggesting
that Florida produced good art as well.
After visiting an Orlando gallery, and a
Miami gallery, I did see some good art.
Woody Allen's last two films were, I believe,
made in London, instead of New York.
The above drawing was
made near Brisbane and imagines Woody
visiting Australia, possibly to make a film.

Woody in Australia 2002


  1. You seem to be getting the hang of this blogging thang David.
    A confessional has to have more than a few cryptic word. Now we are starting to see the workings of your mind

  2. The cryptic sections will continue as they are practice runs for a series of wall didactics matched to artworks for a future exhibition. I don't really see this as a confessional, but more of a tease. But your right there is a certain hang to the thang.


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