Saturday, June 2, 2007


This is one of a long line of drawings and paintings of
people standing isolated indoors. This idea started in the
early eighties, and has popped up through the years in
different forms, even in a painting I am working on now.
But why have I painted people in rooms this way?
Maybe I got locked in the cupboard as a kid.
Or maybe it's a residual image from a horror film.
Or maybe I developed an underlying fear of rooms.
Well, when I was growing up I use to experience something
I called "My eyes are going out".
The perspective in a room would change, then objects in the room
and my limbs would seem stretched, smaller and more distant.
It would only last a minute or so then go.
This would make me strangely frightened as a child and
no would understand or believe me.
I have rarely experienced it as an adult, and
just find it merely fascinating now.
Recently, I have discovered that my two daughters
and a friend of mine have had similar experiences .
I recently found out what I was experiencing
It's actually not that uncommon.
It's called Alice in Wonderland Syndrome or micropsia.
Could be that micropsia has had an influence in my
thinking and image making.
Anyway, these works are mostly about separation from
God and bondage of the soul.

Resolution Scream 1990


  1. That was really interesting to read.

  2. I agree with jafabrit. Very interesting syndrome, can't say I've heard of it before. Your postings are getting much better.

  3. Thanks, but who has time for this. I have a shop to run, a house to paint and repair, a video to film and edit, paintings and drawings to frame and finish, a web page to finish, a grand daughter coming in November, a Bob Dylan concert to go to, with my son and son in law, a garden to plant, a wife to attend to, a daughter in grade 12, and my eyes are going out.

  4. IN other words howard you have a life :) and sounds like a lot of exciting things too.

  5. When I was a kid at night I used to get the same thing but only at night. It was more like I was traveling backwards in space and all the small things I could see in the dark were moving away or I was moving away. I found it scary at first but grew to like it once I new that it only took me into the world of sleep. It doesn't happen anymore.


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