Friday, June 1, 2007


This is another Glasshouse Mountains work, but this
time the abstracted nude on the bed is the main subject.
The nude slowly becomes one with her bed, entrapped
by sleep or dreams or worries or relationship.
The mountains are they viewed through a window or
are they depicted in a painting.
Are shooting stars on the wall paper portents of
pending doom or merely frivolous decoration.
I don't know, all I can do is view from a distance
this very private setting.

A Very Private Viewing


  1. This is a really interesting composition, I wasn't quite sure what i was looking at and that's a good thing. You should do more.

  2. This is where I tried to draw the nude on the bed by not directly drawing the nude. The lines are there but I just tried to avoid consciously
    drawing them. Sort of weird but it stuck to my overall commitment to change drawing styles with every nude
    pose. This was at the Glasshouse life drawing nights. I would like to do more, lets see what happens next year.


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