Thursday, June 28, 2007


Just for a change I've posted these beetle pictures.
Every year a group of these beetles come to this same
tree in our front yard to mate. They also chew the bark, as
you can see by the photo. There is usually about 50 or so at one
time , hanging around mostly in pairs - like in this photo.

I assume the bigger one is the male, for obvious reasons.
They make a hissing sound as you poke at them
and try to nip you with those big horns.
These beetles are very common in Queensland, Australia,
but only at certain times of the year. They are attracted to the light
and can be found hanging round the back door with the cane toads.
They are very slow and can be easily be picked up.
I found one dead on the sidewalk in town
the other night - the dogs gave it a sniff.
Years ago when I was living in Yeppoon, we had a visitation
of these beetles in our front paddock.
The tree was almost totally covered in beetles, literally thousands.
The tree was also dripping with this white liquid.
The beetles were all hissing at the same time,
which was bizarre to hear.
Around the tree in the same paddock, was a number
brahman cattle (The ones with the humps)
which really set the scene.
Strange things happen in the far north, far from the city crowds.


  1. Nice beetles.

    You have lots of interesting wildlife in Queensland, I don't miss it at all, especially the cockroaches and the cane toads. Do you still play cricket with them?

  2. eek, they give me the shivers, but how intriguing.

  3. jafabrit they are about 2 inches long, and really have a lot of character.

  4. Very interesting story, those beetles look huge!

  5. Yes Jylan they are rather large and intimidating - their hiss is most disturbing when combined with their snapping jaws and bulbous eyes.


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