Monday, June 11, 2007


When I was in my second year of Art College,
the students and I were sent to the city
on a drawing assignment.
As I caught the Kangaroo Point Ferry, a man
wandered up from the bushy banks of the
Brisbane river.
Sadly, he had an empty can of coke severed or
torn in half, full of Methylated spirits.
I could smell it in the air as he passed.
He only had a loose pair of old shorts on.
His hair was sandy red in colour and his eyes
were unfocused but extremely bright blue.
His hair was cut high at the back of his head
forming a straight line and his skin was
burnt and rough. He was somewhat delirious
but managed to catch the ferry.
Hours later while on assignment (drawing
old buildings in George Street) he wandered up to me.
He shoved something in my hand,
then abruptly said, "Do you want to
read the Gospels".
Before I had a chance to respond he
turned and wandered off again.
He had given me a 'Hot Stuff' comic.
The 'Hot Stuff' comic is a kids comic
based on a red devil character.
I had never met the man before and haven't since.
So, when I got home I did a basic drawing
of the guy, then cut up the comic and
stuck it down as if you were looking down
on suburban house roofs and grid like streets.
A sad but interesting record of an
unusual meeting.

Hot Stuff 1981


  1. This work confirms yet again what I've mentioned earlier in regard to the directions our respective artwork has gone. there was so much vitality and optimism that has somehow been supplanted with work that is deemed what? mature, serious...worthy?

  2. Yes, I am sure I didn't double think what I did when I was younger. It's this whole pressure to be seen to be doing stuff. Also this middle age,art,angst that creeps in, time pressuring you into numbness, that removes every original idea and tosses it in the flotsam jetsum of so called out of date ideas.

  3. I enjoyed reading the back story about what inspired you to do this piece.

    I noticed you added me to your links, thanyou :)

  4. Well jafabrit I enjoy reading your blog and also believe this medium is about networking. Artists need exposure and blogging is just one more way to do this, but on a larger scale. No reason to be shy and hide away.Thanks for your comment.


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