Sunday, June 17, 2007


In January 2008 I will be having another
solo art show, a rare thing for me having
worked in hardware shops for 22 years.
The time to pursue the art exhibiting/selling
part of art production
has always been hard to find.
The next show will have paintings, drawings,
video and text.
The Video will eventually be loaded to
Youtube and then posted here.
On opening night the video will be screened
and hopefully on a video loop during
the course of the show.
The text will be about each artwork
looking at influences and background stories.
Each artwork will be posted on this blog with
accompanying text and references.
In the actual show I will blow up and print
each blog and display them at A3 size+
next to the actual artwork.
Comments will possibly be displayed
if anyone doesn't mind.
Also on display at the show will be a
floor map of the gallery, with tiny print outs
of the artworks stuck on the to map.
It is enticing to think of the linking system
of the internet extended out into the real
world and back again.
Each affecting each other in
a revolving door sort of way.
The above freely drawn figure is linking
through different frames(windows) of
inner connections(thoughts) to other
places in a vaguely existential way.
The red balls are vented, floating,
fragmented, byproducts of this process.
Is it spiritual proxy, masquerading as
true spirituality or true faith based
on substantial evidence?
This drawing will be one of the
forth coming show artworks.

Spiritual Proxy in Many Parts 2003


  1. Hmmm you sound at a tad busy...too bad baby 'cause loretta the bush vandal has tagged you!

    Please stop by my page to get the details.

    Hope you have as much fun as I did compiling the list !


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