Saturday, June 23, 2007


These are only parts of drawings that I have
depicted here. These drawings I have been working on
for a year or so. They form a small portion of the unfinished
drawings stockpiled on my drawing desk. It can take
one day to finish an artwork or three years.

I have bits of vague ideas that I add as I go to each
work. One night or day an artwork might get more
attention than another and therefore progress
closer to being finished. There is no real method in
this, but just a commitment to finish what I start.
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes
you can be surprised. The themes develop almost
randomly at first, so you go with it and
define and refine.

In the top art work there is two people peeking in a window.
There is a nude on a couch and a few over sized objects.
The middle art work has a nude walking down stairs
with a blue aura and a branched umbilical cord.
The last picture has a deconstructing nude
standing on a mat. In the grass under the mat
is a snake. All three drawings have snake
references :- the lamp, camera lead, umbilical
cord, floor spiral and snake in the grass.
Most people have snake dreams.
I have been bitten only once in a dream and I
woke with a sore foot. Mostly if I dream of snakes
I am trying to walk through a garden, where the snakes
cover every inch of the ground.
Snakes figure strongly in history/mythology
and Bible passages. They have been subjects in many
artworks throughout the years and represent
different things to different people.

Hopefully, I can finish these works
before I get bitten again.

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  1. these drawings are very interesting. I particulary like the central work. The bottom one reminds me of Hockney for some strange reason. Are these large or small? The central work like many of your drawings would make a good painting.


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