Wednesday, June 20, 2007


A few days back I was tagged by the great, incomparable
fleet footed, thonged wonder. As a young lad I was proud
of my speed and agility in the playground.
I was impossible to catch, impossible to fight, impossible
to tag and just plain notorious.
But, since being tagged by the L.M. Noonan, winged heel,
I have become slow, awkward and plain boring.
So tagging means telling THE WORLD eight things
about myself that most of you don't know.
Also, I have to tag eight others - as if I really know any
of these other people in cyber tag world.
But here we go .........
  1. I once bought a car for one dollar and sold it for $2,300. At least I doubled my money. The car was registered without any improvement or cost, then used for four years and sold. It only cost me a few hundreds dollars in repairs in that time which I did myself. The car was a 1971 yellow Volkswagen Super Beetle. The guy who bought it had been looking for one for 7 years, and thought he got a bargain. Little did he know, and I hope he doesn't blog.
  2. I once made a student film on old single eight movie film stock, called, 'Memoroid'. It was shown at the Queensland college of Art in front of a room full of other film students. After the showing the students applauded, and I felt good. But, when the din had died down, the lecturer turned on me. He progressively started to tear strips of me, accusing me of not learning a thing over the period of the course. I said little, packed my gear and went home. It's funny I still cringe a wee bit after all these years.
  3. I lost my first watch in a haystack on my grandparents farm in Victoria. I lost it within two weeks of purchasing it from a jewelry shop in Dandenong. It was a 3/4 size watch, a swiss incabloc with a purple face and a black band. I think it cost me about $17.00. No one ever found it.
  4. I once had a series of dreams over a period of time, where I thought that I was a serial killer. In the sequence of the dreams, I would slowly realize that had I something to hide that I had been suppressing. Eventually in the dream I would realize I was a serial killer and that I had buried people in my yard. I then would wake up and feel relieved that it was only a dream. One day it occurred to me that I really had buried a lot of bodies in our back yard over the years. Living on a rural block with livestock and pets, I had probably, over the years buried at least 20 animals. One or two goats, countless ducks and chickens, a few cats and guinea pigs and the pet dog. Deary me, I am guilty as charged. Any way after this realization I never had another serial nightmare.
  5. I once punched my brothers tooth out over a piece of chicken. We had been fighting over what we had been served up at the meal table, and my brother took my chicken off my plate. So, I took it back and punched him. His tooth was already a bit loose, so I gave it a little push.
  6. I met my wife Judy in Sydney on the stairs of the Opera House. We were both on a school art trip and both attended the Miami High school. Up until that moment we had never met. We never had seen each other on the train trip down, nor at the motel lobby. Not even at school had we ever mixed in the same circles. Anyway, after that fateful meeting we were pretty well inseparable. We even went missing together in Kings Cross, causing a bit of anxiety for our Art teachers. Oh well, these things are never planned.
  7. I once climbed a fence and stole apples from the yard of a house. The house was across the road from my primary school. Unfortunately I was caught, as were a few of my comrades, by the resident of the house. The resident, unbeknown to me, was the school principal. He promptly marched us to his office, gave us a lecture, waved the cane in our faces and let us go. We never got the cane and years later I moved onto other types of forbidden fruit.
  8. I bought my first guitar, with my first pay while in high school. I still play it almost everyday. It cost $169 in 1979 and one day I will buy another one. I still have my teddy bear as well and my first computer which I bought in 1988 and still works.
So, another boring life exposed, drawn and quartered, then
thrown to the cyber masses.


  1. I knew it was worth tagging you. Highly enjoyable read, I laughed at some of the picture your experiences evoked, especially fighting your brother over a piece of chicken. I imagined the scene from the original star trek series (yes...I'm a died in the wool trekkie) where the dashing Captain Kirk fights the Klingon mano a mano. I've never gotten over losing my first wrist watch given to me on the occasion of my first communion...and i hate to say it BUT you may have hexed your computer.
    Now that you've started writing like this...why not keep it up?

  2. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Hey, if you ever want to watch startrek voyager, we have the whole series on DVD. Just ask and I'll rotate the series your way. I would write more like this but there is nothing more to say. Those eight points are the sum total of my life. Besides I might end up telling you where the bodies are buried and incriminate myself.

  3. eek you tagged me!!!!!!!!!!

    I enjoyed reading yours, sheesh I am glad I don't have serial killer dreams, they sound awful.


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