Friday, June 8, 2007


Art Teacher 1979

This drawing was completed in High School
and represents my cynical view
on the teaching of art.
Although I respected some of my teachers, I still
believed that trust was not the name of the game.
This poor soul is pulling himself along by his own hair.
In his outstretched hand is money.
The grinning teacher waits on his chair with his
arm in a position like he is about to shoot up.
Written on his shirt, barely visible here, are the letters,
"UTUHAH", like they represented some great
College of knowledge.
The painting on the easel behind represents another
form of abuse, one that mirrors the scene
played out in front.
Who painted the work on the easel, the artist
or the teacher?
I do wonder though if the High School art teacher
who marked this work at the time,
knew what I was commenting on .
This of course is a bit too cruel.
But I do think after going through College
and flirting with art peoples
and establishments that
a bit of cynicism is good for an artist.

Here is another one from the same year.

Couple on Bed 1978-2002

This drawing has been altered in a paint program.
Originally the drawing was done using a propeller pencil.
On a train trip to Melbourne when I was seventeen,
I stopped of at Sydney for eight hours waiting
for the next train. So, I went walking.
I bumped into two art teachers from
my High School, then went to a few galleries,
sampled exotic food, and visited an art
supply shop. At the shop I bought my first
propeller pencil. That year at High School I
drew a small set of drawings with my new found tool.
Life was so simple then, and it really was fun to draw
and be a bit cheeky.


  1. I love these two early works. When I look over my own early works there is also an 'optimistic' quality that has been somehow left behind during the paper chase. matbe it's time to go back to roots?

  2. PS the foot is much better today. No breaks, just some tendon damage.

  3. I know what you mean L.M., there is much to dredge up and much to reclaim, before the eyes get weary and the game is lost.


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