Sunday, July 29, 2007


Faces From Time

This is a drawing idea I have been working on for a while.
The challenge is to draw each face in a different way.
Here a few close ups.



Office worker

Pop Star


This type of working appeals to me sometimes.
Set a challenge, set some rules and let the artwork
develop over time without many prescribed meanings.

One of the eleven faces is me.


  1. different style of sketch!

    Wired Right Brain

    Movie Community

  2. Devil's son, hey looks like you have a fan david, don't worry I'm sure he wouldn't really be devil's son, but even if he is I don't agree with him about the drawings. I really think these drawing are not very good and the concept of of stereotypical types of people is rather suspect; pardon my bluntness but I've been doing my Tax today.

  3. These are the the real professions of people that I drew. They were picked from Time magazine based on the clarity and size of the photo.
    The posting is not meant to be a representation of the pinnacle of art. But a presentation of why and how I do things. I find this instructive and inspiring whenever I see this from other artists. Sometimes I don't fully like their work or I see mistakes, but it's the common experience and the humble presentation of their works, laid down on the altar of the gods, that I admire.

  4. I think this is a great exercise, but unfortunately some people mistake some art blogs as being a place to present finished works and masterpieces. A blog is like a sketchbook for me, a playground for the imagination, to explore, examine, and try out ideas. I agree about the challenge. Some art can get staid and comfortable unless the artist is willing to explore outside of their comfort zone. By the way I like the artist drawing :)

  5. By the way, I like antlion's music, totally wierd.

    And I see there is a little play going on here ;) between you eh! ;)

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  7. Hey, David this reminds me strongly of teaching Year Nine art at XXXX secondary school. We did a exercise in tranferring a face photo to a gridded sheet of paper, the problem is, that here the results are not much different.

  8. Hey DAD
    I have always really loved these drawings. Ever since you created them I have enjoyed studying their faces and inventing my own version of their life stories.

    With much love


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