Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The Seat of Knowledge 2007

Another weird nude drawing.
This one I eventually decided to leave alone
and call it finished. The fact is I look at it myself
and begin to wonder upon the relationships
between the different aspects of the image.
If that starts happening to me, the one who
drew it, then I feel I need to leave it alone, and move on.
This is what gets to me about art -
the beginning of mystery and half formed
questions, and answers that never arrive.
Check out the foot lifting, the goofy face expression,
the pock marked rear end, the Gustave Klimt like
hair decoration, the armchair of letters,
and the draped over object she is leaning on.
What does it mean? Who knows!
Is it finished? I suppose!
Is it rubbish? Maybe!
But for me it has hooks.
It has enough going on, for me to stop and take
a few second looks.
Art intrigues me at all different finish levels.
The scrappy quick art, the half finished/but finished art,
the complex drawing, the highly finished painting,
the rough and ready abstract, and so on.
Look at the ancient cave paintings, the thought and
action of their presence in there simplicity,
is quite stunning.
Sometimes it's what we take to an artwork, is how much
we get from an artwork.
But there is a limit ....
It's the pretentious and copied artwork
that bores me. And I am guilty at times,
of boring myself.

For some thoughtful and interesting sculpture
check out Hew Chee Fongs work here.


  1. I've been racking my age-d brain as to who some of your drawings remind me of...and by jove I think I've got it!
    David Hockey's early particular the grimms fairytales. I couldn't find an on-line picture of the particular one I'm thinking of- Rupunzel.
    I really like this stuff- er
    his and yours. know what I mean don't you?
    Peee esss
    I'll tell Fong about the lovely link- ta muchly.

  2. Thanks for the second opinion LM. I like Hockney's flippant looking early stuff. I also relate to his initials.
    When growing up into the art world I saw him as an example of exciting modern contemporary art. There was never anything stuffy and old about his work. It seemed to be moving before the times. Thanks for letting down your hair as well.

  3. Nice work David. Thanks for the mention


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