Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Self Portrait Panorama 1990

Another self portrait in front of the mountains.
This is me with either a sad,angry or worried look.
I look a bit extreme here, but all I was trying to do was
put myself in the picture. This was about a year and half after
moving to the Glasshouse Mountains area.
The pointy mountain on the left is Crookneck and the big
mountain on the right is Beerburrum.
It sort of looks like I have a crook neck really,
and uneven eyes. But I like this drawing cos
it is not typical of Glasshouse mountains drawings.
It doesn't aim to be beautiful, but there is a hint of
majesty in the landscape.
I didn't aim to make myself alarming or anything else,
but there is a bit of angst in my representation.
Which is good, cos I like work that is a little
off-centre and ajar.

1 comment:

  1. You look vulnerable and alone. i like the fact that the eyes are mismatched and looking in two slighty different slightly heavevward the other at the viewer.


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