Tuesday, July 3, 2007


My Drawing My Night

This is me with a corn flake head.
I drew this one night in my studio.
You can see a bookcase and curtain behind me.
What I like about it is the total disregard for
anatomically correct rendering.
Everything is chunky and awkward, yet
there is a sophistication in the execution.
The work is free from constraint, and has it's
own eternal laws. There is no referencing or subscribing
to other established forms of art.
It's just plain and simple, yet the objects depicted
are recognizable. Some parts are lightly drawn
other parts are heavy. There is colour and lack of colour.
Freedom in art is a priority. Image making exists
through out history, in many different forms,
and for many different reasons.
This drawing is a physical representation
of my attitude to art practice.
I am sorry I don't fit your idea of art.


  1. Works well David. I thought it looked like a portrait of Francis Bacon when I first saw it, but that might also be because I have been thinking about him a lot lately.

  2. Yes, Dion, Francis had a big broad head with funny eyes. Check out Art News Blog. They have a few videos on Francis Bacon on a recent post.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Sorry, Dion, I just realized you are Art News Blog. I like your blog - it's not so high that people can't reach it. It's good coverage, without pontificating. Check out out our art collective we just started. It's only early days, but I am trying to build our number to about ten. If you know anyone that would fit the bill, send them my way - David

    ArtSmelter - http://australianartistcollective.blogspot.com/

  4. You certainly fit my idea of art :), the drawing is wonderful for all the reasons you stated.
    He has this "ay up, you watching me draw, stop it" lol!

  5. I must have had a scant look in the mirror, Jafabrit, and caught myself looking at myself. And a scant look it must have been, coz it looks nothing like me.....Oh, maybe the ears do!

  6. I like this work, its fresh. Being free from constraints is a wonderlul thing. To act on ones initial instincts before it gets tainted by fancy thoughts and concepts is where the skill lies, we are our own worst enemy!
    I think you fit....but, what is art?

  7. Thanks Fong, someone wanted this one for a group a while back, and liked this freedom feel as well. But, he wanted to display it without a frame. There was a few other drawings as well, and he wanted them all unframed hanging in the gallery for 3 or 4 weeks. I told him I could swap a few frames and supply them framed. I explained that this would look more professional and would protect the work. He refused, and said everyone was doing it that way now. So I pulled the plug and pulled the works. I need exposure but he was getting a little bit too free himself.

  8. Hey David, glad you like the blog. And yeah, nothing annoys me more than people trying to make art look like something that only the special ones can understand.

    Good luck with Art Smelter too. I'll be keeping an eye on it.


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