Monday, July 2, 2007


Pole Girl Road 2006

Licking her wounds she struggled to her feet,
her head barely able to be lifted.
Why did this happen, who was to blame?
Red paint, black charcoal who can
understand how this was drawn.
Taking her clothes off she swung
across the room, as if she was suspended
from the ceiling.
All the viewers watched,
as she made her way to the tea room.
"I will have mine black", just like my
lines and markings.
"I get paid every time and have been
doing this for many years", she
remarked as she dressed herself,
in the corner, away from the
chatting artists.


  1. I love this work! It has real power. I'm presuming because of your description that htis is the result of a life drawing session? So my question is...dis you add the red then or afterwards in a stroke of brilliance?

    PS nice to see you at the upfront club.

  2. The red paint was put down first as an underlying broad sketch. Then the charcoal was used to define the lines more precisely. You can't beat drawings that just happen by themselves. This was a life drawing session at Glasshouse.

    Great to be at a live music event and talk in the real world.

  3. I agree, this is a very powerful drawing. I love the red and the lines and the loose markings next to her leg.

  4. Thanks, Jafabrit. The red for some reason takes the drawing to another place. Most likely the connotation of blood. The Black moving marks create a sense of action. I think both these things heighten the emotion.


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