Wednesday, July 4, 2007


The Sky is Falling

This drawing/painting is unfinished. I am little bit
anxious about finishing it. Because, I like it, I don't want
to destroy it, only enhance. It's already working as a drawing,
on a few different levels, but has a few things that need finishing.
This is a cosmic type of event, a baptism in blood,
thrusting down from above. A portal from another
place, pouring and encapsulating the willing
head of a kneeling woman.
I am not sure if this is about belief,
transformation, bondage or servant hood.
But, the composure of the woman, is one
I have witnessed in people at different times.
Sort of a willing victim, to some sort of
overpowering transcendent force.


  1. Of course the ‘physicality’ of the work is unknown to me. But—the picture and you’re anxiety indicate leave it. It’s beautiful and more importantly powerful.

  2. Yes, well I might stick it in a frame and see how she looks. Sometimes the bits you are uncomfortable with actually make the painting. Nice to have a second opinion.

  3. Hey David, Ben son of John and Katy here. :)

    Thanks for finding and adding me to this awesome blog.

  4. Hi David,
    we've started an art opportunities noticeboard on our public art site you might like to take a gander at...



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