Saturday, July 14, 2007


Scotts Room

When at Art College I shared a house for a year or so
with some other art students.
This is Scott's room looking from my room.
His room was very neat and proportioned.
There was a framed drawing of an electric fan
on the wall - one of his first year works.
Two pot plants and a mattress on the floor.
And maybe a copy of Ulysses by his bed.
I remember not ever having any money at the time.
I road my bike from East Brisbane to Seven Hills
Art College with a folder of art works under one arm.
Most of the time I could barely afford art materials.
One evening I cooked up a flour and kibble wheat
flat bread sort of thing in the oven.
That was all the food that was in the house at the time.
It wasn't too bad, only just a bit tough.
The funny thing was that I didn't really care.
In a lot of ways the student life, dreaming about art,
forming friends, talking all night, falling in love,
was a real buzz.

Scott is now a successful artist.
And I am a husband and father of three
still yearning and dreaming and short of money.
But it's still a buzz.


  1. perhaps successful in a monetry sense...but your work is much better. Scott's work is cold like I supect, the man.
    I can very much relate to your universal art student tale and like I've said before they add a new dimension to your blog.
    I think the drawing is interesting and it reminds me of Howard Arkley's later work. When I showed with him he was making pop art inspired sqiggly airbrushed shapes, like the stuff that you saw on panelvans. This was in the early 80's. Then he started painint the interiors and facses of ordinary homes and struck gold. Curatorial gold. You were doing it long before him didn't get enough exposure for you to claim it in the eyes of the art gods. It's happened heaps of times to me.

  2. Yes, I know. I haven't even posted any of my house painting series yet. When I lived in Wynnum just after art college I did a series of suburban house paintings of all the close by houses. After you do this once, you just sort of move on, absorbing that departure in to the whole mix. Most of us need to live about 1000 years to get things done properly.
    LM you have met and worked with some very interesting art people. With your connections and skill, your work should have had much more penetration. But then again because I am not close to this fraternity, I don't know how much success you have had. You are successful in my assessment.
    You see, where Scott went with his career, I can't and won't go. That structure that supports him will one day fall away and then it will become difficult for him. I can't and won't compete in that sort of art culture. I would like my art to last longer than 15 minutes - that is the challenge.
    Will Robinson is a great example of a man achieving much as he lives with less fame and succeeding in older age with his dignity intact. His large recent works are amazing and show an incredible history of patience and development. He must stand back and think, "how did I get to this, where did these works come from".
    If you look at his progression from quirky experimental works to the present, you can see a great personal journey.

  3. There is nothing quite like his Creation series!

  4. I've been coming back to your blog and finding that when it opens it opens not on the latest posting but on a June posting. I've been thinking that you haven't been posting anything for a while, but it's not true, I don't know if the problem is at my end or what.

  5. Look at you URL shortcut - it should be
    Each posting has a unique extension to this basic address. I.E. more words after .com/. So if you saved a shortcut two weeks ago it will always take to you that post. Alternatively, if you click on the title bar words 'THE BIRD PROOFER' it will take you to the most recent post. Also use the link I put on ArtSmelter to my site. I might put a small link to my own site called 'home' or 'most recent posting'. Just in case this is happening to others.

  6. It's OK. The problem is at my end I bookmarked with words after the .com/
    it's all a learning experience


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