Sunday, July 8, 2007


Self Portrait Unbound

turning of wheels crunching of tin
compression of words down to the pit
ten upon ten
churning of wheels fingers are lost
ideas just float up to the top
ten upon ten
thrashing of wheels mangle of hair
tongues just sink down to the pit
ten upon ten
wheels within wheels mansions on high
music just floats high to the sky
ten upon ten


  1. Have you been smoking da weed David? The art's quite enjoyable it's the scary mutterings thou ist uttering

  2. I was doing a few paintings and drawings over the last few years, where I would just write free form sort of poetry straight into the work. Most of it was without revision or second thought, so whatever came out stuck. Writing songs since a teenager, has allowed me to develop some sort of relationship between the lyric/poem and my art work. This painting was developed in three stages. One as a charcoal and paint work from the early eighties. Two as a starting point for writing this stream of blathering, in the late nineties. Three, a little while later, as a combined work on a 1200x900mm painting. The image in this post has had the words cropped off. It's an experiment, that I wasn't entirely satisfied with.


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