Monday, August 20, 2007


This is my Grandfather on my mothers side.
He dabbled with art most of his life.
This picture was taken on the Gold Coast in the seventies.
He had various jobs in his life. He once had a Milk Bar in a
Melbourne suburb and ran a Guest House on Phillip Island.
All this he did with the companionship of my Grandmother.
They were very close. My Grandfather was primarily a
carpenter, and my Grandmother a dressmaker.

Below is a mixed media work I did on paper around 1981.

The photo was taken from an old slide which is the only record
I have of this artwork. I had given it to him before he moved back to
Victoria and it was subsequently lost or destroyed
by others others before he died.
When he was a young man he went to a commercial art college.
I have his original training books, which are getting rather old
and musty. Here are a few pages from the old school.

This is the front cover of lesson one.
It has a stylish little Art Deco design on the cover.

Lesson 11 Plate D

A few character studies.

And this one, with the fashions of the past.

I used the above girls in a painting a few years back.
I set them in a window in a shop in the main street of Twin Towns.
My Grandparents use to visit Twin Towns to play the pokies
when they lived on the Gold Coast.

It's interesting to look back over your own work and discover
the links and connections with the past.


  1. An interesting post David. I love the photograph of your grandfather- the crazy wallpaper competing with the tilted painting crowning the intense looking gentleman.

  2. That was so interesting, to see his books and his painting and what you did.


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