Saturday, September 22, 2007


Sense of Spirituality 2000 Acrylic on board 91x122cm

Through the sliding door, out from our back deck can be seen a few trees along our fence line.
Yesterday I cut two of those trees down with a chainsaw. In the painting above, those trees can be seen, one has yellow flowers the other bluish leaves hanging down. In fact the big gum tree, behind the figures head, was cut down as well, but a few years ago.

I cut quite a few trees down that day and loaded them on the back of the work truck. As I was carrying the limbs to the truck I felt a bit guilty, as if I had done something cruel and heartless to these trees. Their bright green leaves and intricate branch structure looked so full of life, and then wasted as they lay there on the cold aluminum tray. It crossed my mind to glue them back on to the roots, but then I thought about the second life these trees were to have. At the local dump the trees are converted into mulch, then all the dumpers collect the mulch to put back on there gardens.

A few years back this mild guilt feeling would not have crossed my mind. How many of us today feel guilty when using the garden hose or wasting water? The anti-logging campaigns, the climate change, water restrictions, etc. This media pounding seems to have an influence on our thinking. How much? I'm not sure. How much do we know about a given subject? Do we have a sense of something, or do we have a more intimate and well supported knowledge? Can some of our presuppositions be trusted or are we just going along with our chosen peer group?
The figure in the above painting looks at us with a mildly defiant look. But he is contorted, and bulbous, without arms. At the same time he is somewhat comical, and cartoon like before an open door looking out onto a more natural world. Does he know himself or does he just know what he wants to discriminate against?

A few months ago we cut down a large gum tree that was filling our gutters and water tank with leaves. The stump still stands about head height. Yesterday after finishing my killing fields I noticed new growth on the stump. Delicate little leaves and branches sprouting up from this rough sawn hardwood. So after a moment of studying the new growth, I promptly broke them off. Heres a photo of that tree, down and lying in pieces.


  1. It must be that ruthless colonial farmer blood coming through in your genes David. Glue them back, please before it is too late. Once you start it might become unstoppable, better to stop now than wait with unknown results. Who knows maybe even the national party candidate for Beerwah could be your fate. Ex-hardware guys do well in politics because they know lots of people and hardware is a neutral area.

  2. Funny you should say that. Tahnee rang tonight and suggested I become family first member for Longman, which is our area. They are looking for a candidate, and they know a few in the party. But unfortunately I am neither a conservative nor left wing, because you need both wings to fly a bird. Besides I believe in the separation of church and state. Actually, I would suggest hardware is a bit right wing, thats why I could not fit in with that crowd and their big suits, beer guts and football talk.
    It was only a job after all.
    One must be careful of all institutions, seminars, and Guru's.
    I am far more level headed and astute than you might think. As Geoffry Dutton said in his biography, paraphrased -"It's better to be radical on the inside, than put on a show on the outside".
    The tree removal is about staging the house for potential sale in the near future. All good trees must come to an end.

  3. poor trees :( but.

    great post and i LOVE the music, really set the mood.


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