Saturday, September 15, 2007


The Striped Shirt - 2002 - Acrylic on board - 90 x 120 cm

Another odd painting from the abyss.

Which reminds of an artist who kept on saying
abscess instead of abyss.
The sad part was, it was during a lecture, where he was talking on very
weighty stuff in a room full of art students.
Almost as bad as the title of student film I made called Memaroid.
Very messy stuff this art business.

The striped shirt painting has links to different places at different times.

The beak, head man standing like an Egyptian is taken from
a slide of my father pulling down the internal walls
at a farm house at Yeepoon.

The man sitting in the front is one of my brothers.
The photo was taken at night in front of a campfire at Narangba.

The Striped shirt person is my wife. This photo was taken when
she was dressed as a mummy all wrapped up in toilet paper.
At the time we were running a kids holiday program at Cannon Hill.

The man with the camera is myself.
The photo was taken while attending Miami High School.
I took the photo pointing at a mirror, that was in a clothes shop,
at Nobby's Beach.

The upside down, simple man is a reference to the Red Man
series of paintings I did in the early eighties.

The mountains in the window refer to the Glasshouse Mountains.

The window above the door refers to the student house
I lived in at Vulture St East Brisbane.

The meaning I will leave up to you.


  1. Ah, the humilation of the oxymorons and 'dorrie evans'. Still an abyss could be likened to a suppurating abscess.

  2. lol noonan.

    I love this painting. Works on many levels for me and I enjoyed reading your story about it.

  3. This is like a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces are from different puzzles and strangely they all fit together.

  4. Yes, your right Mr. Antlion these are forced amalgamation paintings. Take different images and memories and shove them together, to form a whole.
    I have done this in a few other paintings as well, one thing about this is that I don't prescribe a meaning from the beginning or demand one from the end.


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