Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Sunday afternoon is a great time to wander down to the studio,
play the guitar, read the Australian, watch Sunday Arts, fiddle
with some paint and pencils, drink coffee, flick through the archives,
put my feet up, see the sun go down, pat the dog, dream a little,
listen to some music, read a book, make some art, and wear daggy clothes.


  1. Ditto, I just patted the dog. Have been to Art Smelter and others, thanks for the lead. Is that a cupie doll on your window ledge?

  2. No, it's a ceramic mermaid. I think my daughter made it in High School. The mermaid is taking an afternoon sun bath, next to a few other clay figures, and old cameras.

  3. Just think...soon every day will be Sunday


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