Saturday, September 8, 2007


Twin Vortex Pile Driver

I have no idea what this weird painting is about, yet! Maybe, it's just a collection of vague ideas left over from other works.

Today I had a conversation with another artist out in the car park of where I work. We spoke about artistic habits and career progression. I argued that as an artist, I could choose the task, and produce the result. The challenge is to break away from the preset ideas of career and style development and embrace a broader less restrictive approach to art.Good art I argued, was not just imitation or pretty picture making. For example , if an artist wanted to portray beauty as opposed to pretty and nice, then beauty could be shown to be something quite profound and disturbing.

As an artist your style will develop without conscious effort. Who you are will manifest over time through the various artworks you produce.To predicate style is a sure way to kill motivation and creativity. Style will come of it's own accord. To copy or follow a given style and pretend it is yours is a shallow way of creating and produces lame art. For me art is an extension of my thought life, so I normally try to paint whatever I can with whatever meager ability I have.

By the way I quit my Job last Monday after almost 18 years. The business will be put on the market soon and I need to do a few other things, and enjoy my Long Service funds. Hopefully, I can focus a bit more on the different strands of my art and take up new challenges to produce a bit more. The Twin vortex painting above is one of those strands.

P.S. That is my foot appearing on the bottom right of the painting.


  1. There was a Subaru Vortex car, it is was nothing like your painting. I feel the Textures in your work are a mixture of rough and smooth, both comforting and compelling. This is apparent in shape, colour and tone. I will look at you blogg again soon.

  2. Thanks for the comment Diode, an interesting and perceptive point of view. Are you an artist? Check out my other site Artsmelter listed in my links.

  3. Glad to hear you're going feral David. I suppose we won't see much of you around the township anymore. You'll be missed. Good move though.

  4. I can't believe you've quit your job after 18 years, what will you do now?
    But truly I hope it works out well for you. Now you can become a professional artist if you want, though I'm sure this is much more easily said than done. shall I pencil you in for next years duo workshop in Bendigo? I'm still eligible as I ran out of people and time to apply this year.

  5. Well, you have to weigh up your choices. Continue at work just for money until they sell the place or use up the long service and try some other things. I imagine I will work casually as things get tight, but maybe in a different field. Judy is working on forth degree as a psychologist, hoping to set up a private counseling service. She has many contacts in this field as a special Guidance officer. The owners of the business I quit from did not offer me a satisfactory enough package to manage as a sole manager. This was not a decision based on frustration or revenge but a rational choice for change. I could have easily worked there for many more years. But that would slow down the process of doing my house up for potential sale and limit my artistic progress or future job prospects.

    You'll see me LM - don't you worry about that. Especially when I'm hungry. Thanks for the nice comment.

    Simon, I have much to do at home to last me for months. Yes, I would be interested in the Bendigo workshop.
    Although, I might be working, but we will see how much I can alter our lifestyle to match our income.

    P.S. Might see you down at the transfer refuse station looking for usable junk.

  6. Hah, looks like I'll have to come armed with hammers and Fong

  7. You never fail to amaze David. There's a big wide world out there you know. Dive in.

  8. I like the painting if this is what quitting your job does for you, keep quitting stuff. What I like is the uncertainty of its orientation in space and action. Don't answer these questions: What has it got in its hands? Looks like the devil's tail maybe. And that pajamaed leg & foot; are you lying down dreaming this apparition at the end of the bed or standing over it, walking on water or air above it.
    Maybe the uncertain spacial orientation has to do with your new direction - it does even if it does'nt if you know what I mean.

    Big move, quitting the job. I quit being self employed 2 years ago and that was a good move for us - shed one mega tonne of stress per day. The actual deed and the period leading to it was pretty horrid though. In retrospect I can see I was fairly depressed. Being an employee took a bit of getting used to as well.

    Now you can really crack out some art - you'll do the show standing on your head.
    Bang it out - hey, we nearly got a visit from Phil Andrews last week - he was doing a seminar in Perth but we couldn't make it up there and he couldn't make it down here. It went hell close though.

  9. Roj,
    I have noticed Phil Andrews has a few digital photography books on the market. He must be doing well for himself. He always seemed to be very confident and well planned. Did you know he is my sister in-laws uncle? You should get him to contribute to ArtSmelter.
    Yes roj, the break will be good, gives me time to do up the house and focus on art and alternative income/lifestyles.
    It's funny you should interpret the painting the way you did. Because the figure, with figure behind scene has a non material/spiritual aspect to it . So the spatial ambiguity is correct. And the foot is a glib intrusion, as a sort of a matter of fact grounding back into the everyday. The essence of what you perceived about the painting is on target. But as I said, I am not quite sure what is really going on. The tail, object and a few other parts of the painting are unknowns to me.
    Would like to do a much larger series of these all as big paintings - as big colorful,iconic and obscure as possible.

  10. I think this painting is a slice from a time a person has woken in the morning then found a fallen object.


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