Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The Clay Worker

Just started a new blog especially to post and print my wall sheets for my January 2008 art show , 'as'. 'The Bird Proofer', three column template and design is not really suitable for printing on A4 or A3 sheets. So 'as' uses the most basic blog design, simple II, which has only one column. It's actually a relief to have a simple fast loading, easily manageable layout to work with.

The art show blog can be found here.

Spent 2 or 3 hours outside a shopping centre today waiting for my daughter, who was in the hairdresser. I thought I would only be there for an hour at the most, but alas, being male I have no idea how long these things take. Anyway, an artist friend happened to come along, and we chatted until she was finished. We talked about art, politics (we have a looming national election in Australia in November) and much else.

He has given himself a 5 year break from art - he is in year 4 of his purgatory. After putting quite a bit of effort into his art, he found that his obsessional focus was making him unwell. He is starting to get the feeling back and the itch to have another go. I basically told him to diversify and do other activities as well, like stick at one job for 18 years, and produce art on the side.

The woman in the picture above is doing a bit of clay work on the side, while watching a bit of telly. Stuck in a transfixed state between, creativity and passivity. Sometimes after being very busy at work or university etc., we desire a creative release, a way out from our obsessive life styles. For some people television manages to ease the stress, but for others it dulls the senses.

The clay worker (someone I know), is normally never creating art, but once during a very busy period of study, during her holidays, created a series of small clay figures. After this release, she has never really, pursued art in any form, since.

Maybe, art should be made mandatory for all politicians, army leaders, and business men.


  1. Greta idea, and so clean looking. Ive been holding onto a site I call 'is' in readyness for something for while now. great minds must think alike.

  2. I had a great mind once, but it was held in bondage by the retail Jabberwocky. Fortunately I have vanquished the creature and have been released to find my way home. My 'is' is still arriving, and so I must focus, as if on my 'as'.

  3. I justa notissed mia achentta woz shoween. Musta spillchick beeforr posteen.


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