Saturday, October 27, 2007


Been working in the studio today trying to finish or destroy the big blue painting. Hopefully I can revive this painting so that it can be included in my art show. Which would be good because it will take up some wall space, especially if I run out of work to hang.
The red version in the middle is the original, before it was blueyfied. Just looking at the top photo, compared to the bottom, I am starting to think it needs to go a bit darker. But then again..............

I have been trying not to radically change the composition, thats why I have been focusing on colour change. Maybe I'll just keep on redefining the edges, adding darker tones here and there and lighter ones elsewhere. When I put some cadmium red in the flames, above the lamb, I had to add red all over the canvas to balance it up. The same happened when adding a light bluey/green to the palm fronds. But with the fronds I just toned them down, with a transparent paynes gray.

Over all I think I am liking it better than the original - but tomorrow is another day. But then again it's a bit contrived - but whats not.


  1. I will keep tabs on your new blog for your upcoming show. I like the concept a lot, as well as the title.

    Somehow the blue version is much richer and I don't feel as distracted by the colours. For me the blue version is much easier to peruse and explore. Plus I think the dark blue areas offer quiet spaces that I enjoy.

  2. all its colour variations-- remains my favourite work of yours David. I really look forward to meeting it in person.
    PS I like the new darker version--of course!

  3. Corrine, thanks for the comment I have spent some more time on the work, adding a few more darker sections. I think you were right that the painting could have been a bit busy. Not that you actually said that, but thats what I understood. Interestingly your stronger works are more monochrome as well.

    Loretta, interesting that this is your favorite. In some ways it reminds me of a few of your works. There are certain elements or a manner, that I see in your works that I strongly identify with. I hope it will live up to your expectations, because this worked has vexed me for a number years. I might just shove it out to the public and let them decide. I really need to see it in gallery context with big white walls and lots of space. I wonder if I walked into the GOMA, with it under my arm, would they let me borrow a wall for an hour or so. I could run a survey asking anyone who passed by what they thought. Hopefully you will see it at my show, but if I ever get on top of my house,garden and art stuff, I will have you over for coffee or some such thing.

  4. I will make the pilgrimage to see your exhibition—the opening…perhaps.
    There may be something to your observations David...regarding the similarities.
    As for it real? I'm rather particular.
    Perhaps it's safer to stick with a glass of water and a heel of bread.

  5. you know david that ain't half a bad idea (I mean letting artists have one spot in the musueum for a day). The museum could come up with a snappy title for it and promote it as a way to support artists (they could pre screen and have a waiting list).


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