Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Well, I have removed all the large trees from our property and have dragged all of the logs and cuttings to the tip. This photo was taken on the final day of dumping. One of our little dogs can be seen in the foreground, helping me out. She couldn't carry much, so I tied a few logs to her back. The other dog got smart and shot through, watching the proceedings from upstairs. Just when I was going to draw up a Work choice agreement with them. Little beggars.

In the next photo, the logs in the foreground were given to a guy who just happened to be in the vicinity when I was about to dump them. He took the lot - he has a hydraulic log splitter made in Italy for all his fireplace needs, and his neighbours needs too I bet.
I am going to spend quite a bit of time painting, repairing and renovatiing this humble little home. I have already pulled parts of the front stairs down and started to replace the timbers that were rotten. This Photo was taken a few days before I started pulling things apart.
The garden will take some time to work out. I must have about 20 stumps to remove, then level the ground and redesign with a variety of different smaller plants.

This totally unrealistic drawing, depicts the other side of the house. Most of the details are right, but grossly exaggerated and distorted. I did have a picture of Elvis stuck in one of the windows at one stage, but had to remove it because I could not take my own humour.
The mountains can be seen from my backyard, but the one on the right is partially blocked by a neighbours house and shed. The round shape on the right is a swimming pool. The pointy object at the bottom is a clothes hoist. And thats the water tank on the left, that gave me a nose bleed.

Yeates Rd - Acrylic and pencil on paper - sometime in the past.


  1. you look like your having fun, how does a water tank give you a nose bleed? how many dogs have you got and are they child substitutes?

  2. I would have more fun if I could get things done quicker.
    That was my first tank that rusted out. I thought, before I knew the extent of the problem, that I could seal the tank. So, I used hydroseal, which is a bitumastic paint. I had to drain the tank, and get inside to paint it. Unfortunately I didn't consider the solvent fume problem - especially on a hot day. I had painted about half, when I realised that my head was beginning to ache and my nose was starting to bleed.
    Anyway, the tank had so many holes that I tossed it. I must have lost five years of my life that day.

    I heard a story from a guy who witnessed a man emptying a tank the quick way. The tank was full of water and a bit rusty, so he decided to split the side with an axe. The metal opened in a split so quickly and with such force, that the water knocked him over washed him down the yard. This is also the dangerous way of draining a tank.

    We have two sister dogs, one white and one grey. We bought one for Phoebe after Jonas and Tahnee left the nest. I felt sorry for the one lonely dog, and suggested we get two. They are not child substitutes, more sibling substitutes.


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