Thursday, October 4, 2007


After many years of working in a small town, I think I have finally become accepted by a few, as a local. It is quite amazing when you move to a rural town, how long it takes for some people to accept you. This has never been a real issue for me , but just an observation of how resistant to change some folk are. A few customers commented to me that I was one of the last of the old faces to leave the hardware store. As this community that I live in changes, due to land development and urban sprawl stretching its way up our highway from our major city to our doorstop, the original (if there is such a thing) people are selling up and moving or just growing old and dying. Here is a tree drawing/painting from the local area. This is the tree that blocked the view of the Glasshouse Mountains, from the Mary Cairncross Park at Maleny. I don't know if it is still there but I decided to make it the subject instead of the mountains. Possibly a very non-local thing to do.

On Sunday I threw the push bike in the back of the work ute, and drove up to Caloundra, which is on the beach. This was last day that I had the use of the ute so I made the most of it. I rode along the boardwalk (which is a path that meanders along the coastline) from Bulcock beach to Moffat beach. One of the beaches I passed through was King Beach, which has recently been renovated, refurbished, and re-worked. Below is a drawing/painting done before any of the work had commenced. This local work looks north from Kings Beach on an overcast day. On the rocky point can be seen Norfolk Pine trees that feature quite prominently along the shoreline in this area. There have been many whales traveling along this coastline over the last week, maybe as many as 80 or so. I saw a few frolicking in the choppy waves as I rode on by.


  1. My assumption was right: that you were celebrating 'freedom' last Monday night.
    I do find the inevitable change caused by urban sprawl sad, and certainly that very reason was one that sent Fong and I scuttling north. But can it be outrun? I think we'll try and make a stand. grow more trees, man the sentry tower and buy sacks of rice.
    Will you stay in the area?
    Pee Ess--like the drawings.

  2. Change is the only thing worth having.

  3. Loretta, we will possibly move up the coast a bit so Judy does not have to travel so much. She is also wanting to set up a private practice as a psychologist. So one of my jobs is to do up the house and property. But it won't happen over night. We are in a period of transition.

    Antlion, well I changed the layout of my blogg, and requested adsense advertising - will see if I can make some money from this thing.

    Loretta, you funny.

  4. I like the layout but am concerned about the commercialisation of your site and by association your art. That's fine it's your choice, but what is the black locust, or have I just fallen into a trap?

  5. by the way how's the quite life at home going? or should we finish with that subject?

  6. Your area sounds so lovely, with many opportunities to enjoy moments of solitude with nature. I miss that. We have a gorgeous state park here in the middle of ohio, but I miss the wild northeast coast of England and the moors. I guess your post made me a little homesick.

  7. Antlion, I have not had a chance to get into the quite life yet. Currently repairing front stairs, replacing posts, hand rails and some treads. Jonas and Tahnee have portions of their furniture and stuff at my house as well(moved Jonas and Sarah yesterday with hire truck) so I am all jammed up.
    May call you Antlion for the rest of your life.
    Don't worry about commercialization, I am not gonna sell out(unless I can make some money doing it} - who would be interested anyway? I am just messing around with the technology, to see how it works. I have been reading Googlepedia, and checking out a few things and dabbling.

    Jafabrit, sounds like you have lived in some interesting areas, how about posting some shots of your area on your blog. Loretta lives up the range from me and has a fantastic view of our area, she is perched on her own mountain. All the mountains in this area are volcanic plugs, situated in national parks. We are about 20 minutes from the coastline. I can see most of the mountains from my place, but I am more of a valley dweller.

  8. That's a deal, will check out some pics and get them posted now and again :)


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