Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The Visitor

One night I sat down with a pile of drawing paper , some sloppy paint mixed in polystyrene cups, and a few rough old brushes. The idea was to whip out 15 or so drawings in one sitting by freely expressing without too many constraints. Two of these drawings are 'The Visitor' and 'Joe Looking at the Space Between His Hands' . Each of the drawings focuses on a different idea, and some have already been used as starting points for other larger works.

Drawings worked quickly have a quality that is hard to translate to bigger works. When I start a bigger work, I generally work spontaneously and quickly, but slowly I pull back and refine the original marks and composition. This works well, but at times can bring a deadness, a reworking of the original life, obliterating the seminal life of the work. One challenge is to maintain freedom in the larger works through the whole process - difficult indeed.

The visitor or stranger idea has now become an idea that has occurred in a number of paintings and drawings. The idea of a figure and a door way, harks back to early Sci-fi and Noir films. In the case of the drawing above, the figure has a space helmet on, which to me revokes the film 'Space Odyssey 2001'. The intruder, or intruding idea, the event at your door, the surprise, the confrontational stranger or idea. These are all wound up in this idea, which is slowly becoming a personal iconic device.

This next rough drawing is a about chasing the wind. The man in Ecclesiastes, vanity of vanities, like chasing the wind that blows wherever. Joe in the drawing is obsessed about staring at the space between his hands. It's a state of futility, a product of nihilism, a jangle of meaningless sound, striving for meaning where meaning has moved on. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. The idea is to stop looking at the wind, or the gap between your hands and frame your mind on things of substance.

I think it's time to do some more rough drawings, so I can stop staring at the space between my hands and worrying about the stranger at the door.

Joe Looking at the Space Between His Hands

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  1. There is an honesty in these works which make you imperfect and that is a good thing.


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