Saturday, November 17, 2007


It's been a very busy period the last ten days or so. My youngest daughter has been going through the rigors of her final two weeks of High School: last assignments, graduation functions, and a few hectic social functions. My eldest daughter is due to have a baby and is becoming very uncomfortable in this humid weather. My wife has been very busy at work, also at a few conferences and sitting for an exam. I have been running around all over the place getting caught in traffic, mowing lawns, picking up kids, servicing cars, painting doors, catching up with old friends etc. etc. My right eye has been twitching for about five days - too many events in too short a time - so time for a few blog posts and replies to emails etc.

After removing some trees a month or so a go, our Brazilian Cherry tree (pictured above) has decided to bear some fruit. The fruit is about an inch in diameter and tastes best when deep red and easily falls from the tree. Below is a few more fruit trees from the garden.

Fig Tree

Macadamia Nut


Well, hopefully I can get back on course now: I have quite a few deadlines and jobs to do before my January show, and time is running out. I managed to rearrange part of my studio in the last week as well, making room for a more productive space. I find that I work better if I can clear and organise my space. The photo belows shows two desks I moved into a corner. One computer is being set up to record and edit music on while the other is a spare that maybe used for writing lyrics. Also, as I promised Corrine from Jafabrit's Art; a photo of my childhood Teddy Bear: which can be seen on the bookshelf.

Studio 07


  1. Lol, it looks like it has been a well loved teddy bear :) thanks for posting it :)

    you have been busy, phew! sounds exciting too.

  2. Seems we've both been busy attending to matters outside of art making. Computers take up a lot of space don't they. And who's the lucky boy--now that your baby has finished highschool, I've still got four years and three to get through. Whatever will you do with all that spare time?

  3. Well we started our family early, but we will be grandparents very soon - just when I thought it would be safe to grow up and be an artist.


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