Thursday, November 22, 2007


After much tossing around of ideas in my head, I started on the 'as' painting this morning. At this stage it is just a mass of confused lines and unrelated images. I have been working hard at trying to break the picture plane, with objects intruding from strange angles, multiple perspectives and different layers. The images have been chosen randomly and quickly and drawn roughly and quickly. The paint has been applied thick and sloppy because I am trying to maintain spontaneity and develop composition on the fly - stare into the lines looking for the best shapes. At the bottom of the painting on either side are two winged angels, loosely lifted from a Fra Angelico painting. As the painting tightens up I am going to add more detail and hopefully the separate images will connect with each other. So far there is a monkey with a space helmet, a medieval building, an antique glass jar, a man with arms stretched above his head, a lighthouse, a ball in a bowl, a ballooned headed man holding a manuscript, rocks, leaves, mountains, blue sky, a collection of offset circles and a factory chimney. Oh, well you gotta make a start somewhere.

After messing around with the painting for a few hours I took a few photos around the place. The shot below is from our front yard looking south - weeds and all.

Typing this while listening to Dylan's song, 'Everything is Broken'. Seems quite fitting looking at my old fence and my almost bust gate. Parts of the house and yard are really looking broken, but at times I see a glimpse of how much better they could be. The stairs and front deck are looking better repaired and painted.

The posts and railings on the landing and going down the stairs have all been replaced as they were pretty well rotted through. Another coat of paint on the deck and a few touch ups here and there and the front deck will be finished - might add a few pots and plants as well... hmmm


  1. Wow, the new composition shows great promise. I think you might be standnig on the threshold of something new. Good luck.
    PS don't get ensnared by the house...Ours is like the Syney harbour bridge--some part of it always needs painting

  2. Thanks Loretta I will try to fulfill the promise. With the baby due anytime now I am not getting much house or art done (Judy has just rushed to Brisbane cos Tahnee is having contractions) but, I did manage to compile an invite list for my show and send it off. Did you know you write with a cockney accent - Syney!

  3. Deck and railing looks good Dave.You will get it all done in due course. Dad


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