Saturday, December 8, 2007


For all those baby lovers out there, here's a photo of my daughter's baby - Imogen.

Today, I was innocently minding my own business - when I hear these taunts coming from the local Library car park, "Grand Pappy" or "Grand Dad", or something like that. Then I was told that I must be getting more wrinkles due to my new Grand Father status. But they were friendly taunts from friendly people. The 'not so failed painter', Loretta , her resourceful partner, Hew Che Fong and there son Nic (Yi). It was nice to have a chat in real life - as most of our communication recently has been by blogophone.

Another scribbly nude from the pile of odd and unfinished nudes accumulated on my drawing desk. This one is called 'Buxom' - it may never be finished, because I sort of like it in this raw and unfinished state. Besides, I am running out of time to finish my other stuff for my next Art Show.
During my Art show I will be running a workshop at the art gallery on 'Blogging for artists' - it should be a fairly easy workshop to run, as there are plenty of skills to learn and many potential benefits to be had. I have already planned the structure of the workshop and I believe there has been some interest already. Those who are receptive to this blogging workshop, should get quite a bit out of it. As others have said, on other blogs recently, there seems to be those want to utilise this newish technology and those who shun it. I suppose, some are scared of over exposure, but for most of us, without having a lot of Art shows and spending a fortune we normally live a life of under exposure.
It does take time and commitment to develop and maintain a blog but any sort of promotional activity takes effort. Fortunately at this stage the cost is very low - just above free. The trick is to allow the blogosphere to inspire and promote, instead of it becoming a substitute for producing artworks. But, most artists have to battle with the paintbrushes or chisels etc. to produce work - I don't need a blog to stop me working, I have plenty of other ways to do that.

So with that last comment, I better stop procrastinating and finish a few paintings!


  1. Firstly, your grandaughter is gorgeous...that's right--I said grandaughter not your daughter's daughter (mmm Dr Loretta Freud ZenZeZ Zome grandfaZZer iZZues). As you know Iavid, I does like to jerk yo chain. Secondly, i think the workshop idea is great and your blogs are bound to inspire many to embrace the blogospere.
    Thirdly,I too would like to place the blame on blogging for not producing much these days er did I mention my failing sight and carpel tunnel...
    PS It was nice catching up with you too--Poppy.

  2. i am new to your blog and i love it! i hope you don't mind if i book mark you.

  3. hello there again...thank you for stopping by my blog! just wanted to tell you the reason i blog about MS is because i have it. :>) and i am also interested in art because my son who has autism is an awesome artist. i will be by to visit again soon!

  4. oh my, your granddaughter is ADORABLE.

    Blogging workshop sounds interesting. Sometimes I find the arguments against blogging rather weak or laughable. I do agree with your comment though. People don't need to a blog to procrastinate ;)


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