Sunday, July 29, 2007


Faces From Time

This is a drawing idea I have been working on for a while.
The challenge is to draw each face in a different way.
Here a few close ups.



Office worker

Pop Star


This type of working appeals to me sometimes.
Set a challenge, set some rules and let the artwork
develop over time without many prescribed meanings.

One of the eleven faces is me.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Fire Jumping Night 1993

This drawing/painting was made in direct response
to an evening of mayhem and madness.
When my son was a teenager I took him on a
overnight youth group camp.
About 30 or 40 teenagers and a few adults
drove out the back of Peachester.
It was a bit west of Candle Mountain,
down a lonely road, over a bridge,
next to a creek, under some trees.
We all set up camp and cooked a meal.
First thing we did was to explore the creek
while we still had some light.
We all came back torn, muddy, scratched ,bitten,
and not a wife or girlfriend in sight to stop us.
Next on the menu, was fire ball throwing.
In an empty paddock, we tossed a burning ball,
in the dark, like a flaming comet.
Now don't try this at home kids.
A very tightly wrapped ball of hessian is tied with
many layers to the size of a basketball.
Then it is soaked in Kerosene for a few days.
On a dark night with friends you play catch.
You can catch and hold it enough to throw it away
without getting burnt or feeling to much heat.
It's quite amazing watching a big group of people
trumping all over this paddock with a burning ball
being tossed to and thro.
For the final course we fire jumped.
After building a fire for the evening, we all decided to
settle down for night - so we thought!
But someone challenged me to jump the fire.
Well I did jump the fire, and by the end of the
evening so did everyone else.
The evening was a bit dangerous and testosterone laden,
but was good for the soul.
Later on, after everyone had gone to there tents, I slowly
drifted to sleep in the back of my Corona wagon.
Feeling tired and content I watched the fire slowly die down.
The flames were flickering shadows on the trees, glowing golden,
silhouetting the large Gum tree in the foreground.
The last thought I had before falling asleep was,
" this would make a nice artwork".

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The Seat of Knowledge 2007

Another weird nude drawing.
This one I eventually decided to leave alone
and call it finished. The fact is I look at it myself
and begin to wonder upon the relationships
between the different aspects of the image.
If that starts happening to me, the one who
drew it, then I feel I need to leave it alone, and move on.
This is what gets to me about art -
the beginning of mystery and half formed
questions, and answers that never arrive.
Check out the foot lifting, the goofy face expression,
the pock marked rear end, the Gustave Klimt like
hair decoration, the armchair of letters,
and the draped over object she is leaning on.
What does it mean? Who knows!
Is it finished? I suppose!
Is it rubbish? Maybe!
But for me it has hooks.
It has enough going on, for me to stop and take
a few second looks.
Art intrigues me at all different finish levels.
The scrappy quick art, the half finished/but finished art,
the complex drawing, the highly finished painting,
the rough and ready abstract, and so on.
Look at the ancient cave paintings, the thought and
action of their presence in there simplicity,
is quite stunning.
Sometimes it's what we take to an artwork, is how much
we get from an artwork.
But there is a limit ....
It's the pretentious and copied artwork
that bores me. And I am guilty at times,
of boring myself.

For some thoughtful and interesting sculpture
check out Hew Chee Fongs work here.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Scotts Room

When at Art College I shared a house for a year or so
with some other art students.
This is Scott's room looking from my room.
His room was very neat and proportioned.
There was a framed drawing of an electric fan
on the wall - one of his first year works.
Two pot plants and a mattress on the floor.
And maybe a copy of Ulysses by his bed.
I remember not ever having any money at the time.
I road my bike from East Brisbane to Seven Hills
Art College with a folder of art works under one arm.
Most of the time I could barely afford art materials.
One evening I cooked up a flour and kibble wheat
flat bread sort of thing in the oven.
That was all the food that was in the house at the time.
It wasn't too bad, only just a bit tough.
The funny thing was that I didn't really care.
In a lot of ways the student life, dreaming about art,
forming friends, talking all night, falling in love,
was a real buzz.

Scott is now a successful artist.
And I am a husband and father of three
still yearning and dreaming and short of money.
But it's still a buzz.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Self Portrait Panorama 1990

Another self portrait in front of the mountains.
This is me with either a sad,angry or worried look.
I look a bit extreme here, but all I was trying to do was
put myself in the picture. This was about a year and half after
moving to the Glasshouse Mountains area.
The pointy mountain on the left is Crookneck and the big
mountain on the right is Beerburrum.
It sort of looks like I have a crook neck really,
and uneven eyes. But I like this drawing cos
it is not typical of Glasshouse mountains drawings.
It doesn't aim to be beautiful, but there is a hint of
majesty in the landscape.
I didn't aim to make myself alarming or anything else,
but there is a bit of angst in my representation.
Which is good, cos I like work that is a little
off-centre and ajar.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Self Portrait Unbound

turning of wheels crunching of tin
compression of words down to the pit
ten upon ten
churning of wheels fingers are lost
ideas just float up to the top
ten upon ten
thrashing of wheels mangle of hair
tongues just sink down to the pit
ten upon ten
wheels within wheels mansions on high
music just floats high to the sky
ten upon ten

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


The Sky is Falling

This drawing/painting is unfinished. I am little bit
anxious about finishing it. Because, I like it, I don't want
to destroy it, only enhance. It's already working as a drawing,
on a few different levels, but has a few things that need finishing.
This is a cosmic type of event, a baptism in blood,
thrusting down from above. A portal from another
place, pouring and encapsulating the willing
head of a kneeling woman.
I am not sure if this is about belief,
transformation, bondage or servant hood.
But, the composure of the woman, is one
I have witnessed in people at different times.
Sort of a willing victim, to some sort of
overpowering transcendent force.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


My Drawing My Night

This is me with a corn flake head.
I drew this one night in my studio.
You can see a bookcase and curtain behind me.
What I like about it is the total disregard for
anatomically correct rendering.
Everything is chunky and awkward, yet
there is a sophistication in the execution.
The work is free from constraint, and has it's
own eternal laws. There is no referencing or subscribing
to other established forms of art.
It's just plain and simple, yet the objects depicted
are recognizable. Some parts are lightly drawn
other parts are heavy. There is colour and lack of colour.
Freedom in art is a priority. Image making exists
through out history, in many different forms,
and for many different reasons.
This drawing is a physical representation
of my attitude to art practice.
I am sorry I don't fit your idea of art.

Monday, July 2, 2007


Pole Girl Road 2006

Licking her wounds she struggled to her feet,
her head barely able to be lifted.
Why did this happen, who was to blame?
Red paint, black charcoal who can
understand how this was drawn.
Taking her clothes off she swung
across the room, as if she was suspended
from the ceiling.
All the viewers watched,
as she made her way to the tea room.
"I will have mine black", just like my
lines and markings.
"I get paid every time and have been
doing this for many years", she
remarked as she dressed herself,
in the corner, away from the
chatting artists.

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