Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Well, I am on the down hill run to my art show - I have about five weeks to go. I have a couple of more drawings to frame, lots of didactic wall sheets to write and post to 'as', two paintings to complete, a blog workshop to write, most of the large paintings to frame, and a video to complete. below is another excerpt from the future 'as' video.

This video demonstrates the type of multi-tasking, synchronicity I will have to perform to get to my opening night.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


The Bird Proofer - 1999 - 81x57cm

The 'The Bird Proofer' is drawn in pencil and painted in acrylic on paper. Turpentine was used to dissolve the 8B pencil, which was then rubbed into the surface of the paint. The work was then re-defined using the 8B black pencil and a white conte' pencil.

A 'Bird Proofer' is a title I made up to describe someone who uses nets to stop birds eating fruit. The nets that are covering trees, can be seen in the drawing behind the man The figure represents a simple greedy man who is so greedy that he even stops the birds feeding. Obviously, farmers need to stop the birds eating too much of their crop, but I am using this image as a metaphor for greed and ignorance.

The figure was drawn at night in my studio: I was using my reflection in a studio window as a guide - the only accurate thing about the figure, is the checkered shorts which I was wearing at the time. The person described in the drawing is a brutish, simple and confrontational man, who is likely to shoot you for trespassing.

In the banner of my blog it mentions 'the black locust'. This is a phrase from an unfinished song of mine - here are the lyrics so far.

The black locust flies at night, and I walk in it's shadow.
I know I am not a good man, and need to live in some shame.
Can anybody save me from myself.
Almost repentance and I am down on the floor.
Songs of experience, songs of innocence.
Coming down on me, coming down on me, coming down on me.

So there you have it - some of the mystery explained.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


For all those baby lovers out there, here's a photo of my daughter's baby - Imogen.

Today, I was innocently minding my own business - when I hear these taunts coming from the local Library car park, "Grand Pappy" or "Grand Dad", or something like that. Then I was told that I must be getting more wrinkles due to my new Grand Father status. But they were friendly taunts from friendly people. The 'not so failed painter', Loretta , her resourceful partner, Hew Che Fong and there son Nic (Yi). It was nice to have a chat in real life - as most of our communication recently has been by blogophone.

Another scribbly nude from the pile of odd and unfinished nudes accumulated on my drawing desk. This one is called 'Buxom' - it may never be finished, because I sort of like it in this raw and unfinished state. Besides, I am running out of time to finish my other stuff for my next Art Show.
During my Art show I will be running a workshop at the art gallery on 'Blogging for artists' - it should be a fairly easy workshop to run, as there are plenty of skills to learn and many potential benefits to be had. I have already planned the structure of the workshop and I believe there has been some interest already. Those who are receptive to this blogging workshop, should get quite a bit out of it. As others have said, on other blogs recently, there seems to be those want to utilise this newish technology and those who shun it. I suppose, some are scared of over exposure, but for most of us, without having a lot of Art shows and spending a fortune we normally live a life of under exposure.
It does take time and commitment to develop and maintain a blog but any sort of promotional activity takes effort. Fortunately at this stage the cost is very low - just above free. The trick is to allow the blogosphere to inspire and promote, instead of it becoming a substitute for producing artworks. But, most artists have to battle with the paintbrushes or chisels etc. to produce work - I don't need a blog to stop me working, I have plenty of other ways to do that.

So with that last comment, I better stop procrastinating and finish a few paintings!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


My daughter had her first baby on Thursday the 29th of November. Her name is Imogen and she weighed 7lbs at birth: so officially, I am now a grandfather at the ripe old age of 46. My daughter was the basis for this character from one of my paintings.

She really doesn't have hands like baseball mits or such a slicked bouffant hair style. She was still in high school when I painted this. The shirt she is wearing is sort of a sports outfit with a bit of a blurred logo on the front. At least there is plenty of room for air flow up through the sleeves.

I suppose now I will have to have a baby in one of my paintings - sort of a family suite with a discourse on the meaning of the name Imogen. Imogen is Gaelic and means maiden or daughter and came from Shakespeare's Cymbeline - originally as Innogen. Another meaning is, "innocent: last born", but in this case she is the first born, so I think Innocent daughter is the best fit.

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