Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I am still working day and night trying to finish two paintings for my show - below is the 'as' painting taken a short while ago.

And here is the 'as' painting taken yesterday afternoon - it's changed a bit more since then because I have been working all morning: adjusting, tidying, adding, scratching my head.
I'm not sure I like it yet, but there are bits I do like and I am trying to pull it all together - one can only try and try again.

Here are a few drawings that will be in the show - framed and ready to hang. I have just a few more didactic wall sheets to write, edit and print, then another painting to finish, a bit more framing and a short video to complete. I hope people will turn up - why do artists do crazy things like this - we must be suckers for punishment or just plain fools.

Cave Girl - Woody in Australia - Listen to Yourself you're Obsessed


  1. Hope the show goes well, as artists we do it because it is something in built,,,,,,I do like you style and the paintings speak to me in a certaine way like a good wine!

  2. Wish I could come to your opening, the work looks so interesting.

    Ugh! I don't know, I feel the same way about solo shows. Some people are begging for shows and I groan when asked LOL! I will be doing a group show this year, but it's with the Jafagirls and sure to be fun.

  3. Yes, theres something to be said for the safety in numbers aspect of group shows. Opening night is invariable an anti climax for almost every artist. Get drunk...thats what I do it dulls the memory of making an arse of myself. At least your in that final countdown mode, it's the after the show mood that's no fun. But I speak only from personal experience...perhaps you'll become an art star? Good Luck, the place won't be empty because we'll be there.
    PS I still like the new painting...pull your finger out and get it DONE!

  4. Artything, thanks for you comment - all went well.
    Jafabrit, I enjoyed myself and if I was you I would do a few more solos - the time is short when you're over 40.
    Loretta, the show wasn't a worry for me, because I don't really have too many expectations - I just appreciate the opportunity and experience. But seriously, to go on further in art, the game would get harder and I would need to be very dedicated, business like and focused. At our age that is a very difficult thing to do but not impossible. The art life in some ways is not an easy one to pursue - what's self indulgence and what's important, and where does one fit into this funny game?

  5. I did not attend the opening at Pine Rivers, but was able to see all at the worthwhile Blog workshop David held the following week.
    I personally prefer the earlier works; more the less colorful/monotone paintings;also where there is more of an attempt to address your Christian beliefs. There is so little time to share the important values of our lives!

  6. Wendy, I will have to post some black and white art - maybe the two, man released paintings - monotone and spiritual.


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