Monday, February 4, 2008


The 'as' art show opening night is over and it was a good night. Most of the people I invited came along and some even brought a few extras.
I went to a wedding the next day and helped photo and video the ceremony and reception. Then, yesterday I converted the mini DV tapes to DVD format and made a few copies for the different families.
Today I edited the footage that we took at the art opening. Unfortunately, due to having to rush to give my son the video camera without explanation and instruction, some of the footage suffered from poor sound and less close up people shots - the speeches started before I remembered to arrange a video shooter. Anyway, I have turned the footage into a 5 min video.

I played the 'as' video after the speeches and it seemed to go down well. I will post that soon, after I convert it to a suitable format to upload to YouTube.

Thanks to all that came to the opening and for all the positive comments.

This Saturday I will be running a small 2 hour workshop at the gallery, on blogging for artists. So far we have a dozen or so wanting to attend - I will have to start sorting that out tomorrow.

Hopefully, I will soon have some photos to post from the evening as well - another one of my mistakes - fortunately others took photos, which I need to chase up. If you have any from the night email them to me at


  1. I would have really enjoyed coming to your exhibit opening, but at least I got to see your video. An excellent video (liked the music) as it gave me a good sense of the space and work. The work looks fabulous on the walls and looks really strong. I am sure people enjoyed exploring the paintings, images. Well I know I would :)
    I will be interested in seeing how the blogging for artists talk goes.

    I hate standing in front of an audience and I have to give a talk later this week to the public for the arts council regard their blog I run, YIKES!!!!

    David, thankyou for you support and comments about my work. It has reminded me to spend more time on my less frivolous work and concentrate on developing further.

    Congrats on a sUPER exhibit.

  2. Thanks Corrine - it would have been fun to have you at the show.
    I hope your talk goes okay as well - just be yourself.
    We all need to concentrate at producing good work - I just like to comment on these sites in a real way, and give people my point of view - for what it's worth.
    I try not to give praise away idly and normally mean what I say.
    I am posting a few more photos of the opening that were sent to me today. I wont be able to hide behind dark glasses.


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