Thursday, February 7, 2008


Russell a friend, who attended the 'as' show opening, emailed a few photos last night. He currently has Lydia and Monica from China staying at his house at the moment - they cornered and carolled me into position for this photo.

Lydia - David - Monica

Loretta's ( the failed painter) husband appears in the next photo, as does one of my daughters and a few other long term friends. Plenty of free food was supplied by the gallery.

And this is my Granddaughter, doing a Bob Irwin at Australia Zoo last Sunday - for those who don't know we live in close proximity to the late Steven Irwin's (The Crocodile Hunter) Australia Zoo. One of my daughters works at the Zoo and gets a good deal on photos.


  1. Oh my, what a pic of your granddaughter, YIKES! lol! It is great.

  2. Nice pickies David. I'm getting mixed messages from your grandaughter though!


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