Tuesday, March 4, 2008


In the last two weeks, since the rain has stopped on the Sunshine coast, it has heated up quite a bit - this of course has brought out the snakes. In the last week or so, I have had about six snake sightings around my house. Mostly, I think they have been non-venomous - there are about 20 different venomous snakes in Queensland. Yesterday, I saw two in a space of 10 minutes. One was basking on a pile of bark chips and then slid across the grass in front of my mower and into my garage. It looked brown but was quite short - only about 600mm - it had an olive tint, so I assumed it was green tree snake.

I then went up on my front deck to keep an eye on where it slid under, but in the process spied another much larger snake working it's way along the side of the house. It was black with blue green spots and a bright green underbelly, it was about a metre and half long. It saw me watching it and froze, then titled it's head upwards to look at me eye to eye. It then slid into my garage through the same door way. I assume they are both living under my house.

The week before, I was in my studio and I heard a bird racket outside. I went out to check and discovered twenty or so birds in the trees and on my clothesline. Also, I discovered a large carpet snake about as thick as my upper arm moving through the grass - it was about 2 metres long. When it saw me it started to climb the closest tree, so I ran inside to grab my camera.

Here's a few photos....

Magpie looking for the snake in the tree - there were a whole row of magpies until I disturbed them.

Snake in tree - head on left, showing portion of body to the right.

Another paranoid magpie - there must have been about four or five different types of bird squawking and working together as a neighbour hood watch alarm system.

Snake head.

Magpie on clothesline - at one stage there were half a dozen or so on the clothesline all looking in one direction: intently and making a racket.

I have since had a snake bad dream - I am not a snake handler and have had a few snakey experiences over the years - so I am a bit wary of snakes. Above is a portion of a recent drawing, illustrating my fear of snakes - Imogen is much braver than me.


  1. I ADORE magpie's and of course they are a symbol of Newcastle. I loved the pics, but I can do without the snakes EEK1

  2. Corrine, we have plenty of magpies - they eat the cat food and the cat seems to just ignore them - getting to old to care. In fact the Mag's are singing right now. I haven't seen any more snakes lately - maybe they have seen me though!

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  4. I see a snake and immediately run in the opposite direction, whether its deadly or not. I have even ran from a lizard (thought it was a snake), so my bravery is usually questioned in the bush.

  5. What's wrong with today's artist - full of fear and dread - always checking under the bed for snakes before going to sleep. Nice to hear from you Art news blog be careful where you walk - we should all live in New Zealand. In Queensland when the lights turn off the ground crawls with all manner of creatures.

  6. Yeah, the snakes are just as bad down here in nsw (Im not far from newcastle). I'm in the suburbs but I wish I was closer to the bush, even if it does mean sharing my backyard with the snakes.


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