Thursday, March 20, 2008


I took this photo at a friends wedding recently, just before the guests arrived for the reception. For some reason I quite like this photo - usually I can't stand wedding photos - especially formal ones. The reception was held at a restaurant complex on the range near Maleny. My house is somewhere in the valley, this side of the pointy mountain (Crookneck) - I live about 30 minutes away.
I think I like the contrast of the 'lay of the table' against the 'lay of the land' and the 'setting of the table' versus the 'array of mountains'. It reminds me of an artwork I did a few years back called, "A Very Private View".


  1. The photo has a very classic dutch still life (of which I adore) feel to it. I really like how you contrast the lay of table to the lay of the land.

  2. Yes, I think you are right Corinne - the funny thing is I snapped the photo while just waiting around and later it stood out as I was rummaging through the photos on the computer.

    Corinne would you be interested in being co-producer of Artproofer Blog.
    I would give you full administrative rights and would allow you to freely express your way with the site - I am looking for a blogger artist who can help me slowly develop the site. Maybe a post now and then, and adding relevant links. I know you might be busy but personally I am treating it as a casual thing, allowing it to evolve into a resource site. Let me know either way - I won't be offended - I am very easy going with very honest motives. I would like to ask Loretta as well - but will wait until she comes back online. If you happen to read this Loretta - drop me a comment.

  3. I like the two new mountains -chair backs), this may be a spontaneous shot but it's very interesting and yes I can see what you mean about your painting, it also reminds me of 'the sculptor's wife' by Lozza Daws.
    Now as for the other matter. I think that Jafabrit would make a far better job of co- administrating your other site...the last thing I need is more responsibility-but I won't say absolutely not. We shall see what Jafabrit wants to do


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