Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I use to spend many hours with pencil and paper drawing complex, organic works. What appealed to me, was the way free form patterns would emerge. There was a lyrical quality to the movement of the patterns across the page, with the different abstract like elements in balance and harmony. At that stage, I liked artists like Paul Klee because I could see the presence of his thinking laying bare in his art.

This was the second last Burleigh Rocks drawing and the most complex. I attempted at the time a few larger scale painting versions but never quite got the feel developing as I had in the smaller works. Maybe introducing colour at the same time was the mistake. I feel I have been pursuing indirectly (amongst other pursuits) this goal of attaining accomplished versions of the smaller works. Some of the larger works have been reasonably successful but the freedom experienced while producing the works has not been equal in measure to the smaller works - this of course is a challenge - one that all artists face in various ways.

Breaking through to the other side, where actions, thoughts and feelings are synonymously working together to produce breakthrough artworks. These in turn become the new benchmarks - not for the world or some artificial stadium but for personal development and resolution of original artistic intentions.

The drawing below is the original and the one at top is a negative version. I quite like seeing artwork as a negative or computer altered in some way - it opens the eyes to new possibilities and enhances things seemingly hidden.


  1. I love the negative version.

    I find colour so distracting (I do enjoy it sometimes) but with black and white I can indulge and glory in shapes, forms, and values. I really like the complexity of these in its original form and negative version.

    So you going to do a pizza box jafa?

  2. Yes, the transition from black and white to colour can be difficult. Generally, drawing is a black and white process but under girds much painting - as soon as you add the colour the complexity begins.
    I submitted three pizza box designs - I just ripped bits of paintings and tossed them on - pretty well mindless stuff.


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