Wednesday, April 30, 2008


From Ngungun - 1995- Acrylic on Paper - 73x54cm

This is a a small quick painting that was based on a small quick drawing after a small quick climb to the top of Mt Ngungun. You can see an actual photograph of the mountains on the ...the failed painters blog.

I was painting and drawing a lot of mountains, trees and rocks in the nineties - here is another one from that period.

Pre-Iconic Landscape - 120x90cm - Acrylic on Board

I am not exactly sure when I did Pre-Iconic landscape - I have been cataloguing and photographing my work for eons but I still have quite a few that have slipped through the net - it would be most likely be between 1992 and 1996 . It was during this time that I was pushing the smaller paper works into larger works on board.

Up until I moved to the Glasshouse Mountains area I was mostly doing urban landscapes and images of lone figures inside rooms. The lone figures began in College as I had to contend with Life studies - I have always been bored with trying to draw figures accurately - I would always try to impose some sort of 'art' on the figure. One day I will commit and focus on more anatomically correct figures - maybe for a week anyway.

Modern Bubble Top - Acrylic and pencil on paper - 1981 - 75x55cm

In the noughties, I have been doing whatever - a bit of everything - reaching back as far as I can appropriating my own images reworking them into new contexts. Even odd little adventures like the following painting, with it's poorly drawn figure, metaphysical banding, existential red, organic shapes and threatening head. I think this was done around 2003 and relates to my inability to sleep due to a worrying situation.

Bands of Sleep - 120x90 cm - Acrylic on Board

I think the trick is to keep the paintbrush going even when your not sure - maybe especially when your not sure. There will always be people and other artists who will be critical or don't even get it, but in the end if you can build up a body of work then your doing alright.


  1. I'm kinda surprised you didn't end up as a lecturer in an artschool somewhere. You are (surprisingly) verbose and intense when talking about your work. Keep it up, and thanks for the plug

  2. got a link to your pizza box's????

    I of course am VERY MUCH liking your lone figure and the composition. I am really not quite sure where I am or where I am going with my art, but continue to paint and build a body of work. I still feel like an art baby. So your post resonates with me.

  3. Loretta, well life is like that - and it's not over yet - thanks for the vote of confidence. Many years ago when I had very little money or support and a young family I decided to get a regular job. With a very naive understanding of the art world and it's machinations with limited tertiary qualifications and opportunity I really had little choice - but then again if I had the time over. Even now I will have to go back to a full time job for the next few years to kill the mortgage - I always feel on the cusp of realising my dreams.
    Corinne, the pizza thing is - it's just a hack of an old painting - I spent five minutes on it. If you choose Australia on the drop down list you will see two others. I am glad you like the painting - we are all sort of art babies and babies in life, struggling around in the dark. Keep up the good work - there are many positives in what you do - like most of us you need to harness those positives and draw out the art and all it's trailing themes that are particular to you.

  4. dad,,

    i would be interested to know what was worrying you so much in 2003 that inspired you to paint such an intense painting...???


  5. I was worrying about you Tahnee - the naughty daughter - no just kidding, I will tell you offline.

  6. I like the the idea of keeping the paintbrush going even when you're not sure. Sometimes feels like that is all I've ever done, really.
    I read somewhere that you have to keep working on something for at least an hour and a half for things to really start happening, sometimes I remind myself to keep pushing it for at least that long before I quit.

  7. well, now I see I would have to buy two boxes of pizza for yours and pollocksthebollocks designs. I really like it, it has humour and I like the composition.

    I appreciate your comments, it helps to hear from others who know the familiar artist laments and struggles.



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