Friday, May 2, 2008


As - 2008 - 150x120cm - final edition.

I have just wound up my 'as' exhibition blog by adding a final post. The post completes the notes on the show - a note of thanks is also included. I wonder how long the 'as' blog will stay online - if ' The Bird Proofer' is still around in ten years time I might give it a plug - maybe the the internet will have collapsed by then, only time will tell.


  1. I think you're not alone in wondering where things will be in 10 years time--in the post carbon era. Perhaps making art will be even less important but then again maybe those that still practise these dinosaur pastimes will be doing so for all the right reasons. Hope you're not forced to give up the painting when you're making so much headway. 'AS' looks great online.

  2. I see painting as a life long pursuit - even when it turns unpopular. Painting is as old as caves and ancient tombs - not even the living dead will calcify it's progress.
    But I will need to get some dough into pay the bills. The painters will be like prophets of old, shouting in the streets, "behold our time has come turn all your 'art' into paint brushes". Yes, 'as' is an odd painting - not sure what it is yet.

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