Thursday, May 15, 2008


I went to see the Ironman movie last night - I had four hours to kill while I was waiting for my daughter who was doing a first aid course. Anyway, young Nick and his girl friend (the son of the failed painter) happened to show up at the same theatre. Nick made a comment about how he thought I wouldn't like a film like Ironman - I explained that recently I had begun to realise that I liked big blockbuster films. I think the entertainment factor strikes a chord with me - I still like complex philosophical films like Antonio's 'Blow Up' or a strange film like Fellini's 'Juliet of the Spirits'. Although I like Bergman's 'Seventh Seal' , I much prefer Woody Allen's take on Bergman.

What amazes me about the better big films is the combined energy of many artist and technicians producing amazing visual art. There were a few scenes in Ironman that were visually amazing - I appreciate the skill in the design and presentation of the story. The story was a bit lame, typical in fact and a bit over reaching as it tried to comment on terrorism, USA and arms trade.

Ironman reminded me of an old drawing that had a similar light in the chest. This light in the chest also rebinds me of a Van Morrison song called 'Summertime in England' where he sings about a "light in the head" a somewhat cosmic song that samples the ether. So here is a quick drawing from the early eighties loosely called Suburban Cosmic.

So I decided to post a few "Quick Drawings" this next one is like 'The man who fell to Earth" but it's me falling into the suburbs from the sky. Or it's an early Arkley disguised as a Howard.

And here is another quick nude - slap, dashed and plonked, an anonymous person in an unknown place. The thing about quick stuff is the accidental things that happen - like the ambiguous face.

Cylinder ends - objects from the studio with an office supplies feel - sort of a spacey, floating feel like my Squarescape Six - Floaters painting - which is in the Pine Rivers 2D art comp. at the moment.

Nude bending - sloppy acrylic and pencil - my favourite way to draw.

This is from a series of pencil abstracts - drawn really quickly - this one has a title like 'Object moving really fast'. This was from a pile of drawings submitted at Art college in a Year two drawing class.

Long tall man - simple lines for a simple life - this was also from a quick period. Quick stuff is also good because the ideas can be used in other more elaborate works - which is what I do and quite frequently. The two little paintings I am doing at the moment have elements from this quick period and also build on the themes - one can be seen here from a previous post.


  1. I like the tall man with the car :)

    I think quick drawing is good because we don't have time to be precious. It has been ages since I have done this. Maybe it is about time.

  2. Once june is over, this is a crazy month.

  3. Good morning David! I am just perusing your recent blog entry – there's a lot here to see. I like how you reach back into the past to make connections with the present. It looks like you have an amazing archive to draw from.
    I wanted to answer your question about the paraffin: it's one of my favorite tools and I try to push its qualities into places I didn't think it would go. I use it to preserve area of graphite (or anything else), or to make dark patches over something not quite as dark. It streaks in a cool way when scrubbed with an eraser or 3M kitchen scrubber (my other favorite tool) and can be almost scraped away and drawn over if the paper underneath is pretty rugged. I love drawing with it as a big block, or sharpening an edge down to a fine line.
    In the drawing I posted, I started out with a digital print of a quick drawing I had made with brush and ink. That sort of got lost in the process, but adds a subtle layer of palimpsest (my 'word of the year' in 2004!). Regards.

  4. Jafacommentor,
    The tall man is actually taken from an old photo of my dad in front of his Morris Minor. I used an old 620 Brownie film negative and developed it with the paper on an angle - this was back in art school. The drawing is after the photo. I think this with modification could be an O.K. book cover - maybe with a title like 'I Could Have Been Me'.

    Nice for you to visit my blog. I suppose I have done bits and pieces over the years - I have treated art the same way that I watch T.V. - I just keep changing the channels. I am assuming this is a block of paraffin wax - like the wax used to preserve fruit in jars? I will have to check it out. Thanks for visiting.


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